Privasia’s Spend Management Division is an Application Service Provider (ASP) synergizing the best industry procurement practices with advanced technology. Over the years, we have evolved into a full-fledged Spend Management Service Provider uniquely to serve any organizations with the vision to adopt the Digital Initiatives to harness the aesthetics of eProcurement on-the-go. Privasia’s Spend Management Division is a pioneer and leader in the eProcurement space and continues to accelerate innovation and business intelligence in our quest to simplify business and humanize technology.

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eProcurement SOLUTION

Privasia’s eProcurement Solution embodies the best industry procurement practices that solidifies our offer for organizational adoption across industries. With its deployment, organizations can readily realize exponential benefits and tangible savings that are reflected in the bottom-line. ProcurehereTM offers user-friendly interfaces that are readily implemented and deployed with agile system features.



  • Controlled and visible spend data
  • Instant report generation
  • Measureable against budget and Key Performance Index (KPI)
  • Tangible savings
  • Transparent


  • Quick deployment
  • Unlimited users
  • Step-by-step workflow
  • Online event management and reminder
  • Robust Bill of Quantity across industries
  • Comprehensive local supplier database
  • Local in-house consultants


  • Cloud-based
  • Over 99% infrastructure uptime
  • 24/7 local technical support
  • Automated back-up


ProcurehereTM adopts the most comprehensive, versatile and superior industry practices in the Tender and Bidding platforms within the Sourcing Management Module in addition to the Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), and Request for Quotation (RFQ) capabilities.


Now buying organizations can transform the conventional manual tender exercises to an automated single system for best management with e-enabled tenderers. The full manual processes from creation, pre-qualification, tenderer participation and submission of tender can be done via the Tender platform while all document exchanges, addendums, evaluation, compliance questionnaires, comparisons and reporting are done online.

Special tender committee can be created to administer the tender event can be created with special rights to call tenderer, open, evaluate and award. Automatic invitations to tenderers are sent via email to alert on the Tender event and notify on each actionable compliancy.


The eBidding is a cloud-based price negotiation tool that utilizes dynamic pricing in an auction environment to derive true market prices of goods and services that is borderless with global bidders outreach. It is due to this competitive environment which allows for potential savings or gains to be realized in a transparent and equitable manner.

The Reverse and Forward Auction

The reverse auction facilitates direct competition amongst qualified bidders to bid lower. The forward auction facilitates bidders from the buying community to quote higher and offer better prices to sellers.

ProcurehereTM’s Reverse eBidding platform is proven to reap higher savings on spend comprising capital expenditure, raw materials, consumables, freight, packaging, marketing, IT, spares, administrative, printing and services. Whereas, our Forward eBidding is proven to garner higher gains for the sale of assets, scraps, materials that are unwanted, used, excessed or obsolete.

Tactical Auction Methodology

Different Bid methods can be employed to cater for different bidding dynamics to deliver the best results with any given commercial or technical matrix.


Privasia has a strong team of professional personnel at your service. We strive to meet every expectations and needs of our customers with excellence and beyond. We endeavor a friendly and professional service approach to our customers while achieving highest customer service level and satisfaction. The services provided by Privasia are:


Team Privasia’s extensive experience in the sourcing sphere are readily mobilized to assist customers on their Tender and Bidding events from start to end. Customers can outsource their tender and bidding events in part or in whole to Privasia with mutual collaboration and synergized workflow.

The Collaborative Outsourcing

  • Value-add to the current procurement capabilities to strengthen corporate focus
  • Re-engineer procurement practices and standards
  • Tap on ready resources, transfer knowledge and technology know-how
  • Find and widen costs saving or gain opportunities to improve bottom-line
  • Transpire transparency with improved corporate image
  • Speed up sourcing productivity and reduce workloads
  • Improves human resource inadequacy in headcount or experience
  • Alternative measure to human resource reduction in cost cutting measures
  • Meet urgent influx of projects


Customers can now enjoy the benefits of Catalogue Management savings by performing spend consolidation and pre-negotiation to leverage on its economies of scale rationalization. This process requires the composite study of commodities-by-commodities on the forensics of commercial and physical requirements taking into account business unit, location, and other opportunity costs in order to identify the most merited vendor.

Once the vendor has been contracted on the specified terms of supply, the contracted subjects (consolidated, pre-negotiated, discounted and contractually binding) can now be uploaded into the eCatalogue marketplace and the requisition process can be done via the online Requisition and Approval and Purchase Order platform.