Consulting Business Unit

IT Consulting

In today’s environment, all buildings and structures must be equipped with modern ICT infrastructure. We work together with you to plan, design and architect such infrastructure with great capability, efficiency and professionalism.

Our key strength is our breadth of skills and ability in all areas of IT for small to large scale business. We have consultants who specialize in network designing, security and system design.

Our IT team works with clients to ensure that the best design meets the clients’ budget and more importantly, their requirements. The scope of work ranges from complete designing of an IT architecture or integration with an existing environment.

Our IT consultants can help provide value by leveraging their knowledge, experience and technical skills. Having worked with companies of all sizes, diverse business challenges and unique requirements, our team has the expertise to attain your IT goals..


Increase your power, performance and availability of your information systems. Our high availability clustering solutions help ensure that mission-critical information systems are always available when needed.

Project Management

Provide end-to-end coordination of work between clients, third-party vendors, and our technology team. We also offer management of project risks and issues, client's expectations and facilitation on the exchange of information for project success.

Business Analysis

In depth study of client’s business, existing business processes and technologies; streamlining business processes, simplifying work flows and eliminating redundant and non value-added processes.

Solution Evaluation

Form criteria that fit the business objectives and IT strategy.


In this day and age, the physical movement of goods is somewhat taken for granted. What has gained in importance is the availability of information surrounding those movements and transactions. The business decisions to be made upon these chains of events depend on the accurate and comprehensive information which is being passed across the entire supply chain. We have developed a suite of applications and solutions to enhance business processes and best practices unique to the logistic and port industry. Every solution is standardized yet fully independent. It is able to integrate seamlessly with each other to meet the demands of your business growth.

Intergrated Port Management System (IPMS)

IPMS introduces a new operating concept in the management of conventional cargo terminals. It facilitates electronic submission of Noti cation of Vessel Arrival, Berth Application, Hatch List, Storage Requisition, Integrated Import Documents; and Integrated Shipping Documents through the web and self-service printing of Gate Pass and Cargo Receipts. IPMS also incorporates a Central Control Center to monitor all operational events happening in the terminal through graphical screens and CCTV monitors to appraise the status of operation at the wharf, open yard and at the gate. The system streamlines and automates transactions by computerizing all work processes and procedures, with a mission-critical framework that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


E-Secure combines automated gate security operations and visitor management system (VMS) with incident reporting functionalities for high-traf c premises to ensure proper security monitoring at all times. E-Secure enables the organization to reduce time spent in managing security by speeding up registration process. It also allows tracking of registration and duration of stay; and visiting history at a click of a button


Container Gate Security System is designed to be used in organizations which require vehicle authorization and authentication to enter into their premises. The system checks the authenticity of the driver and the vehicle before granting access. The system is integrated with heavy duty automatic barrier gates and captures detailed information of all exit and entry at a given barrier gate.


The Smart Card Management System (SCMS) is modular thus ensuring sustained bene ts through changes in technology, protecting and providing optimal returns from the investment. The system is based on a centralized information system designed for quick delivery of operational and administrative information.


E-Terminal Plus system is a community based application for the port community that automates interactions between various stakeholders and the port with core emphasis on reducing processing time, hence creating an interactive customer relationship whereby submission and retrieval of information is done in a more simplified manner.eTP+ is built using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concept. SOA uses standard protocols and conventional interfaces (typically web services) which would allow different applications to exchange data with one another as they participate in business processes.


HDBS automates haulage depot booking operations by engaging, managing and administering bookings done for both drop-off and pick-up by haulage operator, offering improved operational efficiency and flexibility with lower operational cost. HDBS allows depot operators to monitor turnaround time for haulages on a real-time basis.


RTMS is a client- server based solution for monitoring activities within the port. Its core objective is to make visible the real-time efficiency of operations within a port such as monitoring the current location and also the movement of RTG, cranes and vessels in a single display. RTMS obtains data from operational systems within the port.